Progilon has provided strategic consultancy to Panasonic System Networks (Japan), Panasonic Corporate R&D (Japan), devolo (Germany), Schneider Electric (France) and other European and U.S. companies.


Jean-Philippe Faure

  • Chair of the IEEE-SA Standards Board (2016-2018)

    The IEEE-SA Standards Board (SASB) oversees the development and revision of IEEE standards. 20,000 standards developers worldwide, 650+ standards under development, 1,250+ active standards.

  • Member of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors (since 2016)

    The Board of Governors (BOG) directs the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) - establishing policy, providing financial oversight, and conducting standards-related activities within IEEE technological fields.

  • Founding Chair of the IEEE 1901 Working Group (2005-2015)

    IEEE Std 1901-2010, Standard for Broadband over Power Line Networks: Medium Access Control and Physical Layer Specifications.
    1,580 pages standard developed by 350 individuals of 90+ companies from Europe, U.S. and Japan. 3,000+ documents on the working group server.

  • Founding Convenor of the IEC CISPR/I PLT Project Team (2005-2010)

    Standard for Electromagnetic Compatibility of Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) equipment.
    The final draft standard developed by the IEC CISPR/I PLT Project Team was approved in CENELEC as harmonized standard EN 50561-1 in 2013.

  • Member of the HomePlug Alliance Technical Evaluation Group that selected the technology for HomePlug AV (2004)

  • Member of UTE and AFNOR French mirror committees of IEC, CEN and CENELEC groups


Jean-Philippe Faure has received the IEEE-SA Standards Medallion in 2014.

The Standards Medallion is awarded for major contributions to the development of standards. Examples include but are not limited to the following:
- Leadership in standardization of new technologies
- Assuring achievement of standards development goals
- Identifying opportunities to better serve the needs of standards users
- Other contributions viewed as deserving of such recognition